Info on delivery, import duty & taxes, returns for Canadian customers
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We ship to Canada by Couriers or National post. Delivery price and time are shown next to all the available delivery options once you select Canada and enter your postcode on the checkout page.


Customers outside the EU always shop tax-free (0% VAT) at When ordering delivery to Canada, you don't pay any Value Added Taxes to us, and we do not collect any customs fees from you.


As a consumer, you should assume that your order may be subject to duties and/or taxes as well as administrative fees (fees assessed by a courier company that may handle the Customs declaration on your behalf).
The easiest way to handle the customs fees is when the courier company accounts for the shipment for you. 

The non-taxable order minimum in Canada is $20 CAD (about 13 EUR).

Goods and services tax (GST) is a 5% federal tax and applies to all imports valued at greater than the de minimis. In some provinces, you might be charged PST on larger orders.

The average import duty for clothing is 16.5% but can be as high as 18%

Usually, if the order is higher than a non-taxable minimum, the courier company will send you an email, asking you to pay taxes and customs duties in advance. When you pay beforehand, they often offer you a discount.
All of our Canadian customers say that the import process is easy and quick.

All your orders are sent as orders marked for "Personal Use"

Please note, consumers are not required to utilize the services of a third party, such as a Customs Broker, and may choose to ‘self-assess’ any applicable duties and/or taxes owing at a CBSA office that offers these services to the public.

The courier may charge various fees for the services they provide (e.g. brokerage fee). We encourage you to confirm the details of the services and fees directly with the courier you choose at checkout. For example, check the UPS website, and contact the helpline listed there to find out about the possible fees.

    For more information on import fees, please check the Canada Border Services Agency website for: 

    When you choose UPS / FedEx or other courier delivery on checkout

    When you choose Canadian post delivery on checkout


    General return terms for countries outside the EU apply to Canada.

    We always recommend contacting our customer support through chat before returning any item.

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