Please always double-check if your address is written correctly
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To receive the order to your address, please choose courier delivery.

In some countries, Postal couriers deliver parcels to your address. But in most cases, if you choose delivery by post, you will have to pick up the package from your nearest Post Office.
It is not only country-specific, but also region-specific, so we can't tell you whether your order shipped by post will be delivered to your home or to your district's Post Office.

Please note, if you are not available at the address at the time of delivery, couriers will leave your order for pickup at the nearest Assess Point (pickup location). It can be a Post Office, a Kiosk, or a Small Shop. Please always follow the tracking link and check the notifications, also keep an eye on your email and SMS messages.

If you are not available during the delivery, please make sure you are able to pick up the order from the Courier Company's Access Point within a given amount of time (usually less than 5 days)


  • When filling in your name and address, PLEASE ALWAYS USE LATIN CHARACTERS ONLY.
  • Please do not use the Cyrillic alphabet, Lithuanian letters such as "š ž ą", Scandinavian languages letters æ å and so on.
  • Dear Portuguese & Spanish customers, do not use the "º" character. Write "floor" instead.
  • Dear Germans, please write Strasse instead of Straße.
  • If it is necessary to write your address in your language and special characters, please always write it as a comment to your order or email us after you place the order (write your order number and your name, address in your country's language).
  • Dear Russian customers, we recommend you always write your address in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet) in the comment field (or send it by email after you place the order). Any questions - contact us (we speak Russian!).

For more information, please read our delivery info page.

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