How to find out the shipping price and delivery time?
Written by Hellena
Updated 8 months ago
  1. Add the items you want to the shopping cart
  2. Go to the checkout page
  3. Choose the delivery country
  4. Enter your postcode (zipcode)
  5. See available delivery options with delivery time and price written next to them.

We guarantee the accuracy of the delivery times written

Please note that shipping fees vary according to the total weight of the shipment, the box's size, and the delivery address.
The delivery price might differ within one country, as some locations are considered "out of delivery zone," which are difficult to reach for the courier.

  • We ship worldwide
  • All deliveries are registered
  • Courier shipments are trackable. Post shipments are partly trackable
  • Order collection and preparation for shipping take only 1-5 working days
  • We ship all orders from our office in Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe Union)
  • All the goods labeled "in stock" are in our warehouse and ready for speedy delivery to you
  • Once you place the order - all goods are reserved for you
  • Our team has the highest skills in quick order picking, packing, and handling packages

For more information, please read our delivery info page.

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